GLOWBall Truffles Luxe

I have had a love hate relationship with desserts and treats over the years. But it’s almost always love now as I become wiser with age.

I have a podcast about these truffles. Listen here.

Julie Beyer from Glow Chocolates is a master in the kitchen. Her heart and soul go into every chocolate and truffle she makes. She promised me they were not addictive. I had confessed to her that once I start a Lindt bar there is no stopping. She promised one would satisfy me fully and I that I would not need major mental games to stop myself from eating more. And indeed her truffle (that has no chocolate or sugar in it) tastes out of this world and satiates and satisfies a sweet tooth. And although it’s a buzz word - it’s actually healthy.
This is truly a life saviour for me as I navigate Phase 4. My sweet tooth can show up anytime and I like to have a plan. I keep 50 of these in my freezer and I have no problem with that (some foods are just not a good idea to have in bulk if you know what I mean ). Some days it passes, other days I simply need to stop and enjoy a truffle. Navigating sugar, eating in moderation, choosing healthy options (that taste good and satisfy you) and sometimes just enjoying something that you have thought is “bad” for you is all part of figuring out what works for you. What feels right for you and your body.

From Julie’s website:

Vegan | Dairy-Free | Soy-Free | No Artificial Sweeteners 

GLOWBall Consciousness Truffles™ are "guilt free", no-sugar-added chocolate-like snacks that satisfy sugar cravings and have similar benefits to an energy bar. GLOWBalls contain NO chocolate and are made with carob (a plant that tastes like chocolate) and are only sweetened with natural organic green stevia.

We haven't forgotten about flavour! 99% of people report they cannot taste any green stevia - just creamy delicious chocolatey decadence.

Enjoy my dear mibo friends. Ain’t life sweet.



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