Candles - Beeswax of course :)

A simple way to feel more relaxed is to light a candle. I do it all the time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, when working, in the bathroom, on the coffee table, while I cook, and on the patio. True, I have to remember to blow it out before leaving the house and that’s important!

I love a clean orderly home but that’s just not happening often with a little one around. See the image - that’s my work/dining table. You can see a sunflower growing next to the lap top, a kids water bottle, drawings and craft supplies in the background. Plus I see 20 library books on the coffee table. But I see my candle and all is well.

I get mine from the Kelowna Candle Factory. They have a great website and tons of info and fabulous products. Small business that ships. I love the long tapered candles in the natural colour. Sometimes at Christmas I get some coloured ones.

Treat yourself. Make sure you find a good candle maker that uses a good bees wax.



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