Next Episode coming February 2020

Dear Listeners and those of you discovering Mibo Musings. A huge part of being healthy and vibrant is listening to your soul, your body, your gut, your heart. With a number of things going on in my life (good things but many) I have decided to put Mibo Musings on my parked list and come back to it in 2020.

My key focus areas are my own wellness, daily meditation, being present and connected with my family, raising my youngest who is almost 6 and being part of my oldest daughter’s life who is almost 22 (same dad by the way) and nurturing Vital Body, my Ideal Protein Clinic.

I have 19 episodes for you to enjoy. Meditations and guided talks on the resource page and a few delightful things on the stuff I love page. And about 500 more podcast topics and people to interview on my list. So much wonderful content is brewing.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned. Send requests. Stay in touch.



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