A Chat with Coach Sherri Kiley from Chicago - Episode 14

Sherri Kiley is an internet friend of mine.  She owns and coaches an Ideal Protein clinic outside of Chicago - www.idealweightclinic.com . Amazing how you can somehow find like minded folks in the massive internet ocean. She radiates happiness and as we exchanged ideas on how to run a clinic I just knew we needed her thoughts for mibo musings. 

She has some great things to say. I have pages of quotes from her like "the crux of what we do is maintenance" and "I start talking habits and maintenance on day 1 with clients", or "its all about using Ideal Protein as a tool not a crutch". Of course, like I always say there are no answers but there are ideas and suggestions that may resonate true for you and help you build your strong foundation of health and vitality.

I so enjoyed my conversation with Sherri, I could have chatted for hours with her. Her voice is soothing, you can hear the love she has for helping others and the strength and clarity that comes from her own weight loss story.



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