Glow Chocolates Non Addictive Delights - Episode 10

Healthy treats is a thing! And there are so many things labeled as natural and healthy these days that are truly NOT natural or healthy that you do need to be aware. Recently I bought a Lindt bar, telling myself that I’ve eaten so well for a month that I can handle having just one or two pieces, let it melt, enjoy and save the rest for another week. Total fail. I ate the whole bar (in one sitting). But I realize now it’s not ME it’s the food. I don’t need more control, I need to eat foods that are not designed to be addictive. (I need to make choices like not buy it but that I can’t stop eating is connected to the food is designed to be addictive. True a few folks don’t find it addictive but if you have been overweight and have insulin resistance you want to choose what you eat more carefully.)

Julie Beyer, owner and creator of Glow Chocolate, shares with us about what goes into the making of a healthy treat. One that tastes great and satiates and satisfies your taste buds. One that does not leave you feeling out of control and wanting to eat more and more and more.

Tune in to this episode that is fun, educational and may help you truly believe that there are foods that are yummy and healthy for you.

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